Piers Scott, McLaren Automotive executive director for PR:
“We had the pleasure of hosting the Motor Industry Communicators Association at McLaren Technical Centre. I was honoured to share the stage to discuss how our industry can continue to learn, innovate and thrive. Thank you all for an enlightening and enjoyable day!”
Michelle Pagliarulo, Hearst head of automotive:
“Thank you MICA for organising an insightful day with McLaren and catching up with peers in the automotive industry on their exciting plans for 2024. Great day meeting old friends and new.”

Austin Walters, WSA – The Communications Agency director:
“It’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement, passion and history when you are at HQ of the one and only McLaren. With legendary cars, remarkable stories and talks from industry leading PR, comms, media and production professionals all in one day, it was a great chance to find inspiration and take away new ideas. A big thank you from the WSA – The Communications Agency delegation to MICA for arranging a special and memorable start to our year’s calendar of events.”

Megan Tidbury rEvolution account executive:
“I joined MICA at McLaren to hear fantastic insights about how communications plays a role in storytelling for a brand – whether that be in PR, films or books. It was my first time attending a MICA event, so it was great to meet and network with the other members – looking forward to the next one!”

Jon Visscher, Vcomm director said:
“As Vcomm specialises in supporting high-performance and luxury automotive brands, the opportunity to visit McLaren Automotive and to hear insightful perspectives from respected communicators was extremely valuable. As a specialist automotive PR consultant, I am excited by the potential for MICA and its future events to offer industry-specific communications insights that add value to my business.”

Faye Hatton, Straw Hat Communications:
“The cars were cool. The people were great. The best bit was listening to the experts. I’m talking about MICA at McLaren. Key take outs:
🧡 PR is about connection. Look after your relationships with media, trust each other, be brave, believe in opportunities that feel right.
🧡 The better you brief your executives, the more everyone wins. They feel supported and confident. The media feel they have access to the full story.
🧡 McLaren’s biscuits are delicious”

All endorsements above and photos below are from MICA’s biggest event yet – over 60 in the room, learning communications insights from McLaren Automotive Ltd’s 2010 launch to today and beyond. A disruptor and challenger brand 14 years ago, now McLaren is future proofing itself for the next opportunities and challenges. “Top speeds and tech specs only communicate so much,” Piers Scott told MICA members. “Successful auto brands have to present so much more.” Piers and Mark Harrison’s inside stories, and their commissions won by film maker Stephen Mizelas and author Kyle Fortune, document our industry’s continuous learning and innovation.
Some images courtesy Trackside Images and full videos of all presentations, currently in edit, will be uploaded to the My MICA members’ area.