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The Motor Industry Communicators Association (MICA), founded in 2021, is injecting new life into the development of communicators in the motor industry and their profession.

Email us now to receive up to six months membership free!

If you think MICA may be able to help you in your career, or if you are simply interested in meeting other motor industry communicators for fascinating behind-the-scenes tours, register your interest now.  As well as your invitation to the launch barbeque at Bicester Heritage, you will receive a founders discount code entitling you to free membership for the rest of 2021 when you sign-up for 2022. You don’t need to decide to join now; email us for your free invitation and discount code, come to the barbeque, read the information about training and events that we’ll send you, then decide if MICA is for you. If it is, you could have the rest of this year for free.

  • MICA is continuing a 50-year track record of motor industry communicators benefiting from their own professional organisation
  • Run for both seasoned and new PR professionals in the industry, MICA can support the development of members – both with training opportunities and a new network of colleagues and contacts    
  • Members include in-house communications departments (PR, marketing and other comms disciplines), agencies, freelancers, new recruits and students
  • Training and support offered ranges from 1:1 mentoring to group-based workshops and seminars, as well as other sectors such as legal
  • Membership extends to professional networks by bringing together different motor industry communication specialisms, both formally and socially
  • International members based overseas extend MICA’s services and support to motor industry communicators in the US and continental Europe
  • Joining fees available for single members, corporate and industry new starters.


To develop the professional and social interests of its international motor industry members through discussion, training and networking events that reflect the high standards of this dynamic industry.


MICA is committed to being a diverse and inclusive association, which seeks to reflect the industry professionals that it represents, and achieves this through pro-active strategies and the adoption of best-practices.


We will prioritise offering tailored training and social networking opportunities to members. 

Training on the tools and trends shaping best-practice communications in our industry will include the valuable insight and views of media.  Further input and expert facilitation will be by Coventry University, home of the renown and unique automotive journalism MA degree course.

Social events and networking, including a mentoring service, will be a mix of online and in-person events.  The innovative mentoring proposal will pair mentors and mentees from different parts of our industry with varied experience levels to maximise the mutual benefit (eg linking PRs to journalists, at junior and senior levels, for confidential coaching and career advice).   


  • £150 Full MICA Membership
  • £50 Associate Membership – max two years
  • £15 Student Membership – for those in full time education


Email providing your name, title/role and company (if employed) or whether freelance.  Pease note that sharing of information will be taken as agreement to have this data securely stored and used for communications from MICA until membership expires.