Another reason to join MICA is for access to its mentoring scheme, which pairs those in the world of motoring comms with experienced industry directors.
Mentees and mentors sign up to a mutually agreed series of meetings, which can combine online and face-to-face sessions. In applying for this opportunity, mentees should outline what area of auto comms they are in, and which aspects of professional development they would like to explore, and receive feedback on, from their mentor.
MICA will find the best match between the mentee’s aspirations and its network of comms director contacts, who are interested in mentoring for fresh perspectives from outside of the organisations they lead.

Here’s an endorsement of our programme from an existing mentee:

“Mentoring has helped me understand the breadth and depth of communications and realise how my career could develop in present and future environments. The one-to-one focused guidance and relevant industry insights made available to me creates an informative and comfortable environment that complements my studies in an otherwise unachievable way.”

Jack Yarwood, student at Cardiff University.

Here is an overview of MICA’s mentor process, intended to guide participants on a successful and professionally beneficial experience.

Mentoring Overview (Download)

Email with the info requested above to discuss available mentors suited to your comms specialism and professional needs.