For its first Masterclass, MICA brought together world-class experts in broadcast, YouTube and TikTok. Their fascinating (and contrasting) insights are now available as a podcast.

When Top Gear peaked at up to 10 million viewers a week, there was no alternative to TV for on-screen car entertainment – either for automotive fans, or the brands wanting to reach them.  Now, from vehicle content being previously served up as scheduled programmes, viewers have taken control – watching on demand, on multiple platforms, across the world.

Listen to their very different interpretations of the data available on viewer numbers, their demographic breakdown, retention and engagement.  And how electric vehicle content is consumed differently as new-to-market consumers watch for longer to inform themselves.

Hear how online is shaped more by community awareness of electrification, clean air zones addressing air quality and new audiences’ appetite for micromobility topics like ebikes and shared ownership.  Don’t miss ‘From Top Gear to TikTok’ to help your response to the seismic communications shift that is underway.